Grey Dog Studio Art Collections

We have divided our collection into five categories. 

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Stained Glass Windows

Original whimsical Stained Glass Mosaic Windows that highlight nature in a truly unique way.

"Tumbled Island" Glass Serving Utensil Collection

These unique and beautiful pieces marry high quality stainless steel utensils with pieces of  "Tumbled Island" recycled glass. 

We are showing some items here in sets of three, most are sold as single items, unless it's a set collection.

All of our utensils are dishwasher safe!

Stained Glass Suncatcher Collection

All original designs that are whimsical creations in stained glass.

Night Lights Collection

Unique and functional pieces of stained glass artwork to light up your home.

Home Décor and More!

Colorful & creative functional pieces to decorate your home.

Tumbled Island Glass Jewelry

 This jewelry has a rustic elegance and timeless beauty. 

These are guaranteed to bring out your most "inner mermaid!"

Sea Glass Artwork and Stained Glass Creations by Laurel Johns  all work © 2002-2012

Grey Dog Studio located on Hird Island, GA and Tenants Harbor, Maine USA 

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